As a Costco member, you get exclusive access to the best products at the lowest prices. Fill up regularly with high quality Kirkland Signature Unleaded, Premium Unleaded 99 or Premium Diesel fuels to experience the efficiency and performance benefits of powerful deep-cleaning fuel additives. Every grade of Kirkland Signature Fuel contains additives that keep your engine protected and running like new, while saving you money.


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Four great ways that Kirkland Signature Fuel helps deliver optimal performance and efficiency:

Reduces Emissions

Removing deposits allows the engine’s sophisticated emissions controls to work as designed, helping to reduce exhaust pollution caused by valve deposits and plugged fuel injectors.

Helps Restore Fuel Economy

Clean fuel injectors provide maximum fuel flow and a fine spray that helps create efficient fuel combustion. Regular use of Kirkland Signature fuel
promotes consistently clean engines, helping to restore an engine’s maximum fuel economy. [Learn more]

Fights Harmful Deposits

Deposit control additives clean up existing deposits and prevent new ones from forming. This increases vehicle reliability, reduces maintenance, and helps create optimal engine performance. [Learn more]

Improves Performance

Cleaning additives restore power by removing deposits from fuel injection
equipment and prevent future build-up that can cause power loss and affect driveability. [Learn more]


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Restore Engine Performance

Deposit build up in tiny nozzle holes can impact performance by reducing fuel flow.

Injector nozzle holes only the width of a human hair.

Diesel fuel injectors showing deposit build-up (left) and as new (right)


Retain Engine Efficiency and Economy

Deposits on injectors can affect the fuel spray pattern and timing which prevents good combustion. Kirkland Signature Fuels fight existing injector deposits and prevents new deposits from forming.


Protect against Future Deposits

Use of Kirkland Signature Unleaded or Premium Unleaded 99 helps to remove existing deposits on petrol engine intake valves, and prevents new deposits from forming. This helps to ensure that optimal vehicle performance is maintained.

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  • Additised Fuel